Misc. Stuff

Here are links to my various writings, poems, musicals, etc. I am currently recreating some of these miscellaneous works here on my main peterforrest.ca site. I have taken offline the old sites created in Dreamweaver. If you have any questions about those old sites, just contact me. I plan on recreating any content here that I deem worthy. I couldn’t cope with doing websites in Dreamweaver anymore and had to move to a content management system like WordPress on GoDaddy. I can edit my blog/website anywhere in a web browser. I’m trying to focus my life now and my online presence.

Frankenstein Files Halloween album cover
Frankenstein Files Halloween album cover
How do I get to Beatville? banner
A Beatnik Musical
  • Moonbeam (a 2002 novella about Montreal)
  • My old Montreal band: The Vee Gates (1985-1988)
  • Miscellaneous poems or short stories:
    • L’horlogerie
    • Scribblings in an Indian Restaurant (a collection of poems)
    • Wireless Communication (a short play)
  • Helped produce Veronica Charnley’s Deeper Still (2001)