Frankenstein Files

Frankenstein Files Halloween album cover
Frankenstein Files Halloween album cover

The Frankenstein Files CD is a catchy Halloween CD released by Neeka Records. The 17 tracks are in different musical styles and feature both female and male vocals. The world’s most famous monster detective, Frank N. Stein, from Transylvania introduces each song as one of his best cases known as the Frankenstein Files. This CD includes lyrics and introductions by Frank N. Stein to each song. Don’t be surprised to hear some snippets of Mozart, Mendelssohn, or Schumann here and there. Maybe even a bit of Brahms. You’ll have to be sharp to find that! There is also no shortage of jazz, blues, 50s, zydeco, cowboy, 80s, reggae, or ska! Mostly original songs.

Sung by Veronica Charnley and Peter Forrest
Original songs by Peter Forrest

Transylvania Swing cartoon remastered for YouTube HD (2021)

You can also listen to the album here below in the player or go to YouTube to hear the whole album. You can also download the tracks below by right-mouse clicking on a track and “Save Link as.” Complete lyrics to each song are being currently being compiled.

Frankenstiein Files Jukebox


Composed, arranged, and produced by: Peter Forrest for Neeka Records (March 2003)
Performers: Veronica Charnley, Peter Forrest
Engineered and mastered by Ehrich Weiss
Released on Neeka Records.
Recorded at Billings Bridge Cemetery Studios, Ottawa Canada
CD design by ABLY Productions: Steve Johnston
Thanks to all those who loved the initial release of the Frankenstein Files
and wanted to see it commercially released.
Additional credits to: Finale scoring software, Cakewalk & Microsoft.

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