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Welcome back to the new home! I’m Peter Forrest, and I’ve had to consolidate my old Linux hosted websites to a new WordPress secure-hosted modern site.

Here’s a quick link to My YouTube Channel called “Peter Forrest.” is this blog home page now.

I’ve been playing ukulele since October 2006 and it’s been a wonderful journey. I used to blog my ukulele adventures on Ukulele North (and FaceBook) but I will use my new WordPress site to document my journey henceforth. Here is a very popular video of mine on Youtube:

Showboating on the uke!

What happened to (blog post) – I am integrating any former Ukulele North pages into my main WordPress as of October/November 2021. See below former Ukulele North pages revamped for my new blog:

My Ukulele Travel Song Projects about France, Germany, Hawaii, and England

My Ukuleles and recording software and hardware

My Sheet Music Library of original songs and folk songs

My Mentions in the Media and social media about my ukulele stuff

My Links? I’m sick of links pages these days. These should have died in the late 1990s. haha

NOTE: I also used to have a reverse chronological page with links to all my YouTube videos. I can recreate it if anyone thinks it’s useful since It allows you to browse the video names and dates without struggling through the YouTube pages. Let me know.