Sheet Music Library (ukulele)

You can find the sheet music here from my YouTube videos. Feel free to use the sheet music for educational and social media purposes. Feel free to do your own covers of my songs. Just send me a link afterwards so I can put it in my new blog.

Note: I often do ukulele arrangements of my own songs and they may contain melody lines, normal notation or TAB. It all depends on the song. I originally did mostly traditional sheet music of melody lines with ukulele chord fretboards for my own songs in the early years, but I realized much later that my more intricate arrangements required TAB notation. So, I’ve adapted to my situation and also… at my age… I need to put these tunes down so I can still remember how to play them! LOL hehe Believe you me… I often go back to my scores now and I’m so happy I can see the chords and replay what I have forgotten. Yes! It works.

Miscellaneous Original Songs and Folk Songs (PDF format)

Ukulele Stories from Berlin (Unfinished Song Project)

Postcards from Lille (Unfinished Song Project)

Hawaii (EP Song Project)

  • Windy Palm Trees
  • Trees of Banyan Drive
  • Somewhere in Waikiki
  • Makapuu Lighthouse

From a software point of view, I use Finale and Sibelius software to make my musical ukulele scores that I save as PDF files. I first use Finale to input the original melody, and then I take that exported XML file into Sibelius to create the ukulele score.