Lily – a sci-fi novel blogged

A novel where planet shock really begins…

Welcome to Peter Forrest’s novel called Lily. It is a science fiction novel about characters who inadvertently save their world without ever having planned to.

IN MID DECEMBER 2021. Thanks.

My name is Peter Forrest and I am an amateur musician and writer. I plan on blogging chapters of my novel starting in late 2021.  I will post two installments of a new chapter twice a week. I am trying to first learn WordPress to figure out the best way to blog a book to make it easier for the readers. I also need to learn how to connect my posts to social media with WordPress.  Stayed tuned. All blog entries for the novel are under the “Lily Novel Blog” side menu bar that filters out any non-novel related posts. The “Blog Posts” menu bar contains all blog posts on any subject.  Indeed, the site is also for my ukulele blog news, interesting personal discoveries, and eventually including my fan fiction about the television show Person of Interest.

Ellesmere Island (2099)