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Peter Forrest at the John Lennon doorway in HamburgHi!  Thanks for dropping by and my contact info and social media links are below.

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My name is Peter Forrest.  I live in Ottawa, Canada and I can speak English and French. I’m originally from Sarnia, Ontario Canada. This is my official blog. I am still trying to work out how to use WordPress best for blogging a novel of mine.  My goal is to blog my science fiction novel Lily starting at the end of 2021.  I will use the same blog to post ukulele related information and anything interesting that I come across in my wanderings.

I studied German at university in Montreal and also did a Library Studies degree as well. I have worked in the hi-tech sector and for the government. I have also taken off time from work at different points to work on my own projects (and lounged about as well!  hehe).  I have had an internet presence since 1995 when I created my first Edgar Allan Poe fansite “The House of Usher.” (archived for historical purposes).

I also have plans to create some fan fiction for my fav. TV show “Person of Interest” that is no longer on TV.  The creator of the TV series (Jonathan Nolan) told the fans to continue on the story at Comic-Con. 


Scooting about in Hawaii 2020

Lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada
From Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Things I like:

  • international cinema, TV shows (Person of Interest, Hawaii Five-0, Elementary, Sherlock, Mad Men)
  • Gregorian chant, classical music (Bach, etc), folk music, Latin music (Pink Martini), etc.
  • Indian food, Mexican food, vegetarian food, red wine, white wine, Johnnie Walker Black
  • Martin ukuleles, pianos, melodicas, singing, writing songs
  • writing novels, reading, philosophy, wandering, wine, astronomy, chess, snakes and ladders
  • languages: English & French (spoken), German (needs practice), Spanish (needs practice), Finnish (future project)

Favourite Childhood Memory:

For my first ten years, I grew up in Bright’s Groves near Sarnia, Ontario, and when I was seven years old, I used to spend my summers wandering the shores of beautiful Lake Huron, literally at my doorstep. I still remember that there was a local woman who used to find old coins washing up on the shore. Everyone knew about her. As a kid, she seemed mystical as we would walk by her house which was brand new. My friend told me that every brick in her house was paid for from the coins she found on the shores of Lake Huron. One time, I was with a friend of mine and we ran into this eclectic woman on the beach. She said “hi” to us as we balanced ourselves along the old rusty pier that was like a concert of soft waves breaking the surf. Suddenly, she knelt down, started digging in the sand and I saw her unearth magically old coins on the beach. My friend turned to me and said, “You see.”