Greetings from Peter Forrest!

Petey in red shirt and black vest

I live in Ottawa, Canada and I often use the nickname Petey, Pete, Pierrot, or just Peter. I speak English and French and I can get by in German and Spanish. I am in my 50s and living vicariously through the ukulele in mid-life. LOL More than that, I am also playing piano and guitar and composing songs as well. You can follow my BLOG POSTS here or click on the sidebar for the category (Piano, Ukulele, Lily, Miscellaneous, etc). I will be soon recording some ukulele songs, piano songs, and blogging my sci-fi novel called Lily.

The ukulele has been my main focus since October 2006. I also love playing my Rickenbacker guitar, my Roland digital piano, Hohner harmonicas and melodicas. I plan on doing some piano recordings and original ukulele songs about Hawaii.

I used to be a librarian and I have collected many ukulele books. My home town is Sarnia, Ontario Canada and I also lived many years in Montreal.

Petey in a Berlin Cemetery
Petey in a Berlin Cemeter

Cheers and happy strumming,

Peter Forrest
(Je parle également la langue de Molière de temps en temps)