Veronica Charnley – Deeper Still

Veronica recorded her album “Deeper Still” in 2001.

Veety playing in a red dresss
Veronica (contact her at veronica.charnley at gmail)

She now lives in Paris and has her band “Plumes.” Here are the tracks from Veronica Charnley’s first folk CD in 2001:

Veronica Charnley Deeper Still CD cover

All songs were composed by Veronica Charnley.
Performed by Veronica Charnley and Gerg Horvath.
Tinfoil Ring poetry by Todd Swift
Other musicians: Butch Gerald, Kenda Kalverboer, Sara Mills, Sarah Ross, Verity Murray, Tobias Smith, Neal Kushwaha, and Peter Forrest.

Produced by Veronica Charnley and Jay Ruston.
Recorded and mixed at Distortion Studios by Jay Ruston.
Mastered by Jeff Coombe at Shark Fin Digital.
Photography by Butch Gerald.
© 2001 Neeka Records.

Veronica and Gerg playing “Still” live at the Yellow Door in Montreal, Feb 2, 2001.

CKCU Interview Podcast 2001

Interesting CKCU Carleton University Radio Station show recording/interview with Veronica Charnley and Gerg Horvath