“Gothy-Ukulero” back to Classical Piano!

RCM log and Petey in black with ukulele in Germany
Petey and RCM are coming back together! (Oktoberfest 2021)

Hi gang,

Just getting my new WordPress site going. I have a new ukulele handle besides Petey Houdini. I was always a fan of the early 1900s magician and escape artist Harry Houdini so I adopted his name mixed with my cute childhood name “Petey”, thus PeteyHOUDINI. Anyway, I am trying to get my blog going and I logged into the Royal Conservatory of Music’s website today and found my old exam results, etc… Wow! So, at this late age, I need to start it up again so I bought all the books to get going again for more exams.