Faking Being a Piano virtuoso? lol

Petey Forrest’s “tell all” How to Sound Like a Piano Virtuoso

  1. Play the melody in octaves then descend rapidly (0:00 – 1:31)
  2. Play a succession of 4-note chords in both hands (1:32 – 2:28)
  3. Play tremolos with 4-note chords and octaves (2:29- 3:34)
  4. Play tons of arpeggios (3:35- 4:26)
  5. Put them all together and use the pedal without shame (4:27-6:14)

Here’s an official Petey Forrest midifile of how I did it! hehehe!!!

General MIDI logo

Download the MIDI file.

Petey’s adlibbed MIDI example was performed and MIDI recorded by the artist himself for your listening pleasure!  All four examples are separated by a short break in the file and then the finale (5) puts them all together in one ultimate self-indulgent performance.  hehehe!

Note:  This was performed on a Roland digital piano March 4th, 2000 (with Cakewalk 9.01) so the MIDI file will sound differently according to your computer’s soundcard piano sound.