Faking Being a Piano virtuoso? lol

Petey Forrest’s “tell all” How to Sound Like a Piano Virtuoso

  1. Play the melody in octaves then descend rapidly (0:00 – 1:31)
  2. Play a succession of 4-note chords in both hands (1:32 – 2:28)
  3. Play tremolos with 4-note chords and octaves (2:29- 3:34)
  4. Play tons of arpeggios (3:35- 4:26)
  5. Put them all together and use the pedal without shame (4:27-6:14)

Here’s an official Petey Forrest midifile of how I did it! hehehe!!!

Download the MIDI file.

Petey’s adlibbed MIDI example was performed and MIDI recorded by the artist himself for your listening pleasure!  All four examples are separated by a short break in the file and then the finale (5) puts them all together in one ultimate self-indulgent performance.  hehehe!

Note:  This was performed on a Roland digital piano March 4th, 2000 (with Cakewalk 9.01) so the MIDI file will sound differently according to your computer’s soundcard piano sound. 

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