Writings – Moonbeam

Moonbeam : the 1988 fictional story about a Franco-Ontarian (Canada) who goes to Montreal to learn Spanish to become a writer. He ends up hanging around Anglophone deadbeats who want to get a team together to go into outer space! His goal is to try to uncover why these nutbar Montreal friends want to get into space. In the process, he ends up learning about Québécois culture from a warped Anglophone!

the moon

Peter Forrest’s Moonbeam is a sub-luminary event of the first magnitude: the witty manuscript marries nostalgia for the haunted 80s with a vulnerable yet decadent sensibility, as if Rimbaud had been in a ska band, and lived to write of his adventures. Featuring romance, madness, and a cast of hilariously offbeat characters, this Montreal tale recalls the bars and streets of an autumnal time, sad and tellingly funny all at once. Move over, Young Werther, there’s a new Bildungsroman in town.

Todd Swift (one of Canada’s leading poets based in the UK)