Usher – Media

CyberPunk Live TV SHOW (January 22, 1996)

Interesting video from the very early days of the internet in 1996.

Pierre Bourque’s Cyber-article on the House of Usher

Mention of Poe site in Ottawa XPress
The Poe pendulum starts swinging from the NCF (1995)

Article text:

Dust off your old Alan Parson Project album and point your browser to Peter Forrest’s ( World Wide Web site for Edgar Allan Poe called The House of Usher. The place is amazing.

It lists “all Poe resources on the Net,” according to Forrest, “pix, bio, links to classical music, NASA, St. Petersburg Russia, Moscow Photo Gallery, the Raven, complete works etc.” The Ottawa trekker is getting positive feedback for his initiative from all over the world and is rightly proud of his work. “Call this a bit of over-grotesque self-indulgence,” he said. The House of Usher is at: