Ukuleles and Great

My “new” Martin Ukulele Collection:

  • Soprano:
    • SO
    • OX Bamboo (2017)
    • 0XK
    • S1
    • Style 2 (mahogany)
    • 2K (koa)
    • 3 Cherry
    • Style 3 (mahogany)
    • Konter ukulele replica
  • Concert:
    • Style 2 (mahogany)
    • 2K (koa)
  • Tenor:
    • T1K
    • Style 2 (mahogany)
    • 2K (koa)

Other Ukulele Brands I’ve Owned (or still own):

  • Kala koa soprano
  • Jazz tenor Kala
  • Brüko flat black soprano (goth uke)
  • Brüko custom cherry soprano
  • Brüko custom maple soprano
  • Mainland cedar soprano
  • Mainland hot chili soprano
  • 3 Mahalos (green, red, purple and lime)
  • Ohana SK35G soprano
  • Oscar Schmidt soprano
  • Risa soprano stick (electric)
  • Triumph TR-400 tenor ukulele
  • Pono koa soprano
  • K-Wave Kiwaya concert “Les Paul”
  • Lanikia LU
  • Lanikai LFM-S
  • Sitarulele
  • Goldtone Banjo Little Gem Diamond

Other Gear:

I’ve used a number of different instruments and recording devices over the years to do my YouTube videos. My first ukulele videos where done with a Canon Elura 65 miniDV (tape) camcorder and editing in Adobe Premiere Elements. I later bought a Sony HD Handycam HDR-XR500 and things improved without having to use tape anymore. I mainly use now my Sony Handycam HDR-PJ200 due to the better live sound than my previous Sony camcorder recorded directly in the device. I have used my Zoom H2n handy recorder to replace the audio in some videos on occasion (less noise). Those Zoom mics are brilliant microphone/recorders for live recordings. Here is my current gear and software that I use in their latest releases.

I’ve recorded generally my videos over the past few years in 1440 x 1080 resolution. It’s a good balance of available light quality and facilitates editing and uploading. I subscribe to the Adobe CC software suite.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing software (to do my vids. I used Premiere Elements in my early vids and it worked well so I eventually went to the pro version). It does excellent noise reduction as well.
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium 16 (I use this video editing software for cool effects at times and have upgraded over the years.)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC to create and edit this ukulelenorth web site
  • Zoom H2n for audio recording (if required to replace the video’s audio or for overdubbing into a video)
  • Adobe Audition CC for audio editing
  • Sony Handycam HDR-PJ200 (my main videocam)
  • Sony Handycam HDR-XR500 (old videocam)
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 digital camera for stills, and small video clips
  • Sibelius 8.6 notation software (to do my uke scores and tabs)
  • M-Audio AV 30 recording speakers for my PC (Surface Pro 4)
  • Yeti Blue Pro (192kHz/24-bit) USB microphone plus 5-pin XLR connector for recording on PC
  • K&M König & Meyer Popkiller 23956 (used for vocal recording to stop vocal pops)
  • first Hohner melodica: Ocean Melodica (blue)
  • second Hohner melodica: Performer37
  • Casio keyboard LK-270 (keyboard lights up)
  • Roland digital piano model HP-3
  • Fender GDEC Fifteen amplifier
  • Danelectro HoneyTone mini amp
  • Fender MD-20 mini amp